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“Social Responsibility”
MECEN IPC is always thinking of the role to contribute to the human society by providing better technologies for peoples’ health. This is being main motive for MECEN IPC to research and develop technology for medical industry of the world.
According to the report of WHO, a lot of diseases which have a strong infection are dramatically increasing year by year, especially the blood-born diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C are rapidly spreading into Asian, South American and African countries. The spread of AIDS, hepatitis and many other infectious diseases is clearly a global concern. However, AIDS is a preventable infection ; better prevention will significantly decrease the tremendous burden HIV infection places on humans around the globe.

In addition, the population of old generation is sharply increasing especially in European countries (20% per total population) and this situation is driving high demand for medical devices. According to the report of UN, the worldwide population of the people aged more than 60 years per total population is currently 10% and it is expected to be increased by more than 20% before 2050. Furthermore, the portion of the population aged more than 80 years is sharply increasing with the ratio of 3.8% per year.

Under above circumstances, medical division of MECEN IPC has been created to serve the medical profession with affordable, world-class medical devices ceaselessly driven by a mission to contribute to the human society with the help of state-of-the-art yet economical production technology.

At the heart of MECEN IPC there is the belief that technology is the most critical component of human endeavor. Thus, products from MECEN IPC are manufactured in world-class facilities on highly-automated processes, using state-of-the-art technology of MECEN IPC’s own. MECEN IPC will improve the health and reduce illness through human-centered quality healthcare that is accessible and seamless, comprehensive, appropriate and cost-effective in an environment of continuous learning and relevant research and development activities of MECEN IPC.

“Realize the local production to where we can make social contribution.”
MECEN IPC has been making investments in overseas markets by establishing a joint venture plant manufacturing medical devices. Through the long-term partnership with local partners, MECEN IPC is to realize the true contribution to the society for the better life and welfare of the peoples.

“Business Activity”
MECEN IPC is a manufacturer and supplier of automated assembly and production line for the healthcare industry. MECEN IPC has many years’ experience designing and manufacturing automated production line to assemble medical disposable devices. MECEN IPC has the experience of most technologies used to assemble medical disposable devices and as a result, offers a range of solutions to match the markets’ requirements. MECEN IPC well understands the pressures which many companies are under. MECEN IPC will work with you to help you find right solutions to meet the customers’ needs which will enable to penetrate the markets with optimal strategy. MECEN IPC will be the right formula for your success.