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Since industrialization has begun, annual usage for the plastics with advanced characteristics has dramatically increased in order to cover various and unique needs of customers in many industrial sectors. Among the companies that have been trying to satisfy the customer needs, we, MECEN IPC Co., Ltd. has taken its position as a pioneer who can develop advanced technology that meets variable needs and tastes of customers on time with right solutions. Plastic extrusion sector is one of our main business areas, and our outstanding performance in plastic extrusion sector is well-known throughout the world.

The constant and ongoing research and development activities of MECEN IPC Co., Ltd. resulted in producing polyethylene foam that has a wide range of applications in construction, insulation and packaging sectors. This product has been considered in the market as a revolutionary item because this can replace most of existing materials for construction in the market. Thanks for its outstanding characteristics and competitive prices. Polyethylene foam products have following advantages.

Wide Range of Application
Moisture Resistant
UV Resistant
Low Thermal Conductivity
Easy to Install
Versatile for Heating, Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Plumbing
Light Weight
Environmental Friendly
Competitive Price

By the shape of the cells, polyethylene foam products are divided into two different types. The first one is general type of polyethylene foam and the other is cross-linked polyethylene foam of which cell is chemically cross-linked. Please refer to the below menu for each type of product.

There are many opportunities for new business in the global market. MECEN IPC Co., Ltd. has always been seeking a new possibility and successfully materialized its business objectives in many targeted countries. Especially, polyethylene foam business has brought good achievement to MECEN IPC Co., Ltd. from its overseas investment activities. The reason for that good performance is not only outstanding advantages of polyethylene products per se, but also its bulky characteristic which makes importing uncompetitive, which means that the market can be easily dominated once local production is commenced. MECEN IPC Co., Ltd. is not satisfied with its performance so far and so we are still seeking for new possibilities in emerging markets where there is good prospect of polyethylene business. Our technical expertise and valuable experience in successful overseas joint venture program will be the formula for the success in this business with local partners.