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Global warming, also known as green house effect, is the most concerning problem of our generation since it induces climate change. El Nino and unforeseeable typhoons and flood reflect the seriousness of the current climate change that is occurring all over the world.

In order to deal with the fatal climate change, Kyoto Protocol has been adopted during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference held in Kyoto, Japan in December 1997. One of the important issues which were dealt focuses on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to reduce the pollution caused by the industrialization and overpopulation.

CO² Emission is the most hazardous factor which is speeding the global warming. And current tendency to reduce the CO² level by each country, whether it is by own will or by strict measures being taken, will require most advanced technology to be adopted.

We, MECEN IPC, are at the forefront of the environmental business to deal with the current pollution problem and as a part of it, we are implementing CDM project using landfill gas (LFG) directly from landfill sites using two steps. In the 1st step, LFG can be treated and captured before the actual sustainable development process as it is the main cause for air pollution if not controlled. As the 2nd step, we can construct power plant which generates electricity by using the LFG collected in the first step.

As a result, our CDM project in the stabilization process provide both advantages which could solve out the environmental problem related to the LFG by collecting it and economical benefit by generation of electricity power for local supply by utilizing the already captured LFG.