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Nowadays, most of countries in the world put great effort to solve out wastes problem, especially caused by plastic wastes. In order to settle down this problem, incineration and landfill method are generally accepted to treat plastic wastes. However, incineration generates lots of polluted materials to air and landfill is also not a proper way because shortage of space.

RPF(Refuse Plastic Fuel) is a alternative fuel made from plastic wastes which can replace fossil fuel like coal because it generates high heat of calories as much as coal.
Moreover, the necessity for alternative fuel is getting increasing due to shortage of natural resources such as coal and oil. RPF(Refuse Plastic Fuel) can be a right solution to settle down the problem of shortage of fossil fuel.

RDF(Refuse Derived Fuel) is a solidified fuel, which is produced with every useless and combustible wastes. When RDF is made of more than 60% of plastic, we especially call it RPF(Refuse Plastic Fuel). Inflammable substances and moisture are derived from wastes through the RPF manufacturing process. And we can have value added product that does not generate any pollution and can be used as alternative fuel energy.

Application of RPF

- Steel Meal ,Cement Factory ,Power Plant, Industrial Boiler