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Geo Textile production line is the last stage of our integrated PET recycling system. It uses recycle polyester fiber as raw material which is produced from recycled fiber production line.
A Geo Textile is a synthetic permeable textile material used with soil, rock or any other geotechnical engineering related material. It is widely being used for road construction and mining. There are many uses for Geo Textile. For example, in an erosion control application, rock or other riprap material may be placed over a Geo Textile along with stream bank. The role of total system is to prevent erosion of soil materials along with channel. The Geo Textile performs the specific function of filtration, allowing water in the soil to pass through the fabric while retaining the soil particles.
As one of leading manufacturers of Geo Textile and the machinery, MECEN IPC is offering reliable solutions for this filed of industry. MECEN IPC's skilled engineers and technicians can assist all of our clients and partners to develop the effective supports.

Application of Geotextile