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During the past decades, the usage of PET increased tremendously and PET bottle is very popular for bottled soft drinks due to the advantages of the PET bottle such as unbreakable and less weight in comparison to a glass bottle.

So, customers prefer more and more the PET bottles.
Lately, PET is used more and more as packaging material for food and industrial products.
It is no wonder that PET has become the material of choice for the food and beverage packaging industry.
Because of global consumer demand, the PET industry is experiencing dynamic growth.

However, the post consumer PET bottles are just thrown away after usage which causes environmental problem and contaminates our green ecology. Moreover, it is waste of precious resource because PET is produced from crude oil, which is a limited raw material.

MECEN IPC has developed technology for recycling PET bottle waste to turn into value added products.
The PET recycling system consists of three different process : PET flake line, PET fiber line and geo textile line which are designed for integrated system as a vertical production process.

We are proud that our technology make it possible to preserve human’s green ecology and save limited resource by producing valuable commodity from useless PET bottle waste