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Total Waste Management (TWM)

Nowadays, environmental issues are the key topic worldwide. Every country regardless of its economic size has big concern about environmental problem caused by various kinds of pollution, and therefore they make their utmost efforts to protect and preserve green environment.

Among many environmental problems which we are confronting, the pollution caused by rapidly increasing amount of waste is one of the most serious problems which creates another pollution if it is not controlled. As we know, industrialization and population explosion is urging the waste problem and unfortunately, the current waste management mechanism is not appropriate enough to handle all the waste problem.

In general, there are three different waste management methods which are popularly adopted: landfills, incineration, and recycling. But each method has its own defect. Firstly, landfills have a problem of shortage of waste disposal space. Secondly, incineration generates toxic gases such as dioxin during the process of burning waste. Thirdly, although recycling is thought to be a good method to deal with waste, we can not treat all types of waste by recycling.

However, we, MECEN IPC, has developed Total Waste Management System (TWM) to provide the ultimate solution to the current waste problem. TWM effectively solves all the problem such as lack of waste disposal space, toxic gases generated from incineration and/or currently operating or closed landfill sites, and it simultaneously maximizes the efficiency of recycling.

TWM consists of four different processes :

TWM is one of the most effective solutions to the current waste management problem